Volume 8

Volume 8, No. 1

Jordan Stouck, Locating Other Subjectivities in Jean Rhys’s -Again the Antilles-

Garret Caples, White Noise-Vocal Frequencies in Jean Rhys’s Good Morning, Midnight

Heidi Ganner, Literature from the English-Speaking World in the Classroom- Short Prose Fiction from the New English Literatures*

Jamie Thomas Dessart, -Surrounded by a Gilt Frame- Mirrors and Reflection of Self in Jane Eyre, Mill on the Floss, and Wide Sargasso Sea*

Judith E. Dearlove, The Failiure of the Bildungsroman Jean Rhys and Voyage in the Dark*

Sue Thomas, Revisionary (Post)Modernist Plausibilities- Paul Monoghan’s Staging of Obeah Night and the Film of Wide Sargasso Sea- A Commentary

Martien Kappers, Comments in Reply to Elaine Savory’s Review of Critical Perspectives on Jean Rhys*

Nora Gaines, Contributors

Continuing Bibliography

(* See Disclaimer)



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