Volume 11

Volume 11, No. 1

Leah Rosenberg, _The rope, of course being covered with flowers__ Metropolitan Discourses and the Construction of Creole Identity in Jean Rhys’s _Black Exercise Book_

August Gering, The Celtic Creole in Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea*

Todd Davis and Kenneth Womack, Reclaiming the Particular_ The Ethics of Self and Sexuality in Wide Sargasso Sea

Elaine Savory, Reviews_ Jean Rhys_ Wide Sargasso Sea




(* We have made every effort to contact the authors of each individual essay to ask their permission to make their essays public. In some cases–marked throughout the site with asterisks–these efforts have not been successful. If you are the writer of any of the essays thus marked, please contact us at lisaparavisini@gmail.com to indicate your wishes. If you prefer that the essay not be publicly available we will remove it immediately.)

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